Top 9 New Technology Trends for Business in the Future

Top 9 New Technology Trends for Business in the Future

However, there is also one very major issue that these authors do not discuss at all. This one critical issue is basically related to the entire point of making new technologies: the entrepreneur’s vision. And it is this one issue that the book tries to address.

Therefore, this book concludes with a rather pessimistic prescription. Specifically, we are asked to envision three possible scenarios for technology adoption and deployment: the market becomes saturated with technologies; there is insufficient consumer demand for new technologies due to barriers to entry; or, technology adoption becomes slow and uneven.

Moreover, users typically prefer a computer system that is easier to use, and that makes the information they access easier to understand.

The fourth scenario examined called the “area of obsolescence,” applies to technology that eventually replaces existing business practices. This task may prove to be extremely difficult for a business that lacks adequate data analysis skills. Therefore, businesses that are planning to use artificial intelligence as a way to improve their business process models should develop a team of qualified individuals to perform data analysis. Only then will artificial intelligence have a chance of helping the business achieve its long-term goals.

If this trend continues to live past its earliest stages of development, global businesses will experience:

By being aware of these trends, you will be able to take advantage of these new developments. So pay attention and you just might catch the wave of the future!

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